Body Baby - Girl and Boy at the best price

Are you struggling to find the right clothing for your newborn? We are the solution to your problem. On sneakids, we offer you a wide range of baby bodysuits from Hummel, a reference brand in this field. Find a bodysuit for your baby boy or girl, at an unbeatable price!

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Trendy baby clothes for your toddlers!

It is not always easy to know how to dress a newborn baby. Indeed, their fragility requires that they wear clothes of a certain quality, so as to guarantee their good health and comfort. With this in mind, we have put together a selection of bodysuits and sets of the highest quality, available at sneakids at unbeatable prices.

Lightweight baby bodysuits with long or short sleeves, very comfortable for summer outings

With or without sleeves, these baby bodysuits are made of extremely soft fabric that feels great against the body. This great softness, combined with the arrangement of the seams avoids all kinds of scratches that could damage your child's sensitive skin and gives him optimal comfort. Breathable and well ventilated, their fabric offers a maximum of freshness all day long. Also very flexible, they perfectly fit his anatomy and allow a natural movement. The necklines and sleeve ends are ribbed to ensure a secure fit. With a snap closure at thecrotch, they are easy to put on and take off.

The baby bodysuit can be combined with casual or sporty shorts that you can also find on sneakids at very interesting prices. We also have a mini jersey-short kit on this page, bearing the colors of the French national soccer team.

Perfect bodysuits for the cooler seasons

To prevent the cold winter seasons, you can opt for long-sleeved models, with good thermal insulation. Made with breathable fabric, they keep your child warm and dry all day long.

With their elegant design , these newborn onesies are perfect to complete his style during all your outings with him. You can match them with the same quality pants.

For added protection, you can choose to have him wear it underneath a jumpsuit, also available on sneakids, with several models to choose from, at low prices.

Paris bodysuits with a sporty design

You want to pass on your passion for Parisian soccer to your little one? Give them this set with the Paris Saint Germain logo! With a sober and elegant design, this bodysuit with a badge on the front gives him a sporty look and allows you to immerse him in the world of football from an early age.

You can also choose a model with a bib, proudly bearing the PSG colors.

Baby romper for boys and girls

Outside or at home, whether it's hot or cold, baby needs to be well covered to be perfectly comfortable. Opt for this romper, which allows to cover all the extremities of his body! Made with very soft and breathable fabric, it gives him maximum comfort at all times. It can also be used as a pyjama, and is decorated with tiny Olympique de Marseille logos all over. Its classic cut and sober design make it a perfect outfit for boys and girls alike.

Girls' clothes for all occasions

Especially dedicated to girls, dresses are also at your disposal with an excellent quality-price ratio. Made with quality fabric, these feminine outfits with a casual look are ideal for all occasions, in cool or warm weather.

Very soft and light, and made of organic cotton, they allow for natural body movement for seamless mobility. Their great capacity to manage humidity and body temperature makes them comfortable clothes, perfect for all kinds of activities, outside or at home. With neck snaps, they offer easy dressing and optimal fit. The long sleeves with Hummel' s herringbone pattern give a sporty yet casual look.

Perfect baby clothes for carefree people

Parenting may seem like an easy task when you watch others. However, there is a flip side to it. First, you have to understand that these little devils don't have the awareness of an adult and therefore can't pay attention to everything around them as they come in contact with various elements like dirt and all sorts of abrasions on a daily basis. Choosing their baby clothes or baby pajamas must therefore involve the following parameters: robustness, comfort, resistance and durability.

That's why all these bodies are made with high quality fabric, strong enough to face all kinds of wear and tear and all kinds of washings.