Kickers Boys' Shoes at the best price

Looking for shoes Kickers boys to perfect the look of your child or accompany him in his school activities? Find here a selection of the best models of shoes Kickers for boys. And for the greatest pleasure of your wallet, our shoes are available at low prices!

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The success story Kickers

Kickers was born from a dream: to create the shoe brand for young people. The story of Kickers began in the 70's when the creator of the brand, Daniel Raufast, came across the poster of the musical Hair. This was the big trigger.

Enthralled by the energy, originality and optimism of this liberated youth, Daniel Raufast decided to launch a brand of shoes that would be the symbol of this generation.

In the midst of Flower Power, he wanted to put shoes on this generation that only swore by jeans!

Nearly 50 years later, the shoe brand Kickers has become a transgenerational brand, which seduces young and old alike.

Did you know that?

The brand name Kickers is inspired by the sounds "kick" and "ker" for the American sound, to which is added an "s" to sound like "jeans". It was necessary to think about it.

Since its creation, Kickers has been driven by a desire to turn conventions upside down and to assume its style. A claimed anti-conformist spirit, which allowed him to gather a public eager for freedom, authenticity and optimism.

The values of the brand Kickers are: authenticity, know-how, anti-conformism and open-mindedness. Kickers is the symbol of an alternative culture. And we love that at Sneakids.

KickersSneakids, the ultimate children's shoe

Kickers offers solid, robust and colorful booties. Kids love them and parents are reassured.

We appreciate the iconic red and green dots on the heels. These dots make it possible to distinguish left and right feet at a glance. Ideal when you are a young child. It's both fun and practical!

How to choose a shoe kickers Children?

You don't know what size to choose for your child? The Sneakids team is aware that it is difficult to know what size to choose for your child, so we will help you choose the right size.

Find our personalized advice to help you choose the right pair of shoes for your child's feet. Do not hesitate to ask us on social networks, we are reactive!

A child's shoe size evolves rapidly during the first years. On average, a child's foot grows by 2 to 3 sizes per year and from the age of 5, his foot grows by 1 to 2 sizes per year.

Tips on how to fit your child's shoes

For the smallest children who cannot express their discomfort, check with your thumb by pressing on the tip of the shoe if the foot has enough room to grow.

Check if the closure of the shoe is adapted to maintain without tightening or compressing the foot.

If the size does not correspond to your child's size, the return is easy. You can return the pair that does not fit within 15 days. Attention, the article must be returned in perfect condition in its packagingorigine and slipped into a box provided for this purpose.

The iconic Kickers

Like the jeans, fetish of the children of rock, the shoe KICKERS is solid, practical, comfortable.
Like the colorful shirts of the descendants of Flower Power, it is bright, cheerful, colorful.
And like almost everything that the heirs of the "Swinging Sixties" like to wear, it values the simplicity and authenticity of natural raw materials.

Recognizable by so many others with the help of red and green dots on the outsoles. The Kickers shoe is enhanced by engraved eyelets, a crepe sole made of natural rubber, solid, flexible, authentic and recyclable. Finally, the label stitched on the upper allows for quick identification of the brand Kickers.

The botillons Kickers are often associated with children but the brand also offers a range of urban and elegant models for women such as sandals, sneakers, boots or moccasins with heels.

Today the brand Kickers shoes the whole family with a wide range of quality shoes.